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Chamonix Yachts offers comprehensive hurricane preparedness services for yacht owners. We understand that being prepared for a dangerous storm goes beyond having basic supplies like water and candles. Our approach to "riding the storm" involves thorough preparedness and implementing safety measures.

No matter where you plan to dock your yacht, it is crucial to have a Hurricane Preparedness Plan in place. Chamonix Yachts specializes in moving vessels to designated safe routes that meet insurance and safety requirements. We ensure that your yacht is relocated to a secure location to minimize potential damage.

But our services don't end there. We go the extra mile by collaborating with your insurance company. We provide detailed documentation and information to demonstrate that you have taken all necessary precautions to protect your asset, whether it's a mild storm or a hurricane.



  1. Dry Dock Slips: We provide dry spaces on Miami River yards where you can safely store your boat out of the water during a hurricane warning. This helps protect your vessel from potential damage caused by high winds and storm surges.

  2. Wet Slips at our Marinas: We offer wet slips at our marinas located 8 miles away from the sea. These marinas have been approved by the City of Miami as hurricane-safe locations. Storing your yacht in these designated areas provides additional protection during a storm.

  3. Preparedness Plan at Your Current Dock: If you prefer to keep your yacht at its current dock, we can assist in implementing a preparedness plan. This includes adding extra lines and fenders to secure your boat and regularly checking on its condition during the hurricane warning period. This includes storing all cushions securely, removing covers, and closing and checking every hatch to prevent them from being blown out or damaged during high winds.

  4. Captain Services: Our experienced captains can handle the task of relocating your boat from its current location to a safer place. They have the expertise to navigate through potentially hazardous conditions and ensure your yacht is moved to a secure area.

  5. Storm Follow-up: We stay vigilant and keep track of every storm that occurs during the season. We provide regular updates and keep you informed about the latest news and developments related to the storms. This helps you stay informed and make informed decisions regarding the safety of your yacht.


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